What services does AdMark provide?

AdMark Strategic is a Multi-level Management and Marketing Solutions
Provider offering the following expertise:

•        Identification of New Market Opportunities
•        New Business Development
•        Strategic, Operational and Business Planning
•        Situation Analysis
•        Profitability Solutions
•        Process Engineering, Streamlining and Reorganization
•        Change Management
•        Marketing, Advertising and Sales Planning
•        Organization, Production and Logistics Planning
•        Prototyping, Sourcing and Product Development
•        Market Research and Analysis
•        Partnering and Networking
•        International Commerce and Trade
•        Economic Development and Municipal Revitalization
•        Funding, Grant Research and Grantwriting
•        Coaching, Training and Team-building

Want to hire us?

AdMark Strategic is always looking for new clients. If you have an
interesting, challenging project, please contact us. We'd love to
collaborate with you:

AdMark Strategic
Management & Marketing Consultants

Rod Potts, Executive Director
3402 Soft Rain
San Antonio, Texas 78259

210.499.5533 Office
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AdMark Strategic  Better Ideas. Better Results.
Someone who has
mastered the art and
science of developing and
executing a plan of action
designed to define and
achieve certain business
Leveraging Networks:
Networking is a resource.
The bigger the network,
the more valuable the
resource becomes. At
AdMark, our network is
vast. It is comprised of
experienced professionals
from a variety of
disciplines -- all with the
specific expertise needed
to solve nearly any
business problem.