What is AdMark Strategic?

We are a results-oriented Management and Marketing Consulting Firm
with a proven record of success since 1971. We use research, creativity,
strategy, planning and experience to take your company from where it is --
to where it wants to be. We help new businesses get started. We help
struggling businesses get control. And we help successful businesses
get more profitable.

Business problems got you puzzled? We provide solutions.

Problems. Every business has them. Some are insignificant. Some are
major. Some are easily identified and addressed. Yet, many problems
are right under our noses and still remain unseen.

Management problems, organizational problems, financing problems,
accounting problems, production problems, labor problems, training
problems, marketing problems and planning problems. Problem
employees, problem customers, problem collections, problem
suppliers... The list goes on and on.

For every problem there is a solution.

The ability to solve problems comes with time and experience.
Regardless of what some "whiz-kid" may tell you, the ability to solve
problems is directly related to how many problems you have actually
identified, analyzed and solved. There simply is no substitute for
experience when it comes to problem-solving abilities.

Our experience is the key.

At AdMark Strategic we have been solving business problems for over a
third-century. We have extensive expertise in all phases of business,
marketing and economic development in the United States and Mexico
since 1971. We have long enjoyed a reputation for our creative solutions,
aggressive attitudes and dynamic conceptual abilities. We pride
ourselves in our ability to identify, analyze and address business
problems -- often in new and revolutionary ways.

Creative solutions help our clients reap the rewards.

AdMark has provided professional services for such notable international
companies as IBM, General Motors, Hobart International, General
Dynamics, Warner Brothers, McDonald's, Texas Commerce Bank,
Productos Metallicos and Grupo HERMO. We've also provided help to
smaller, local companies like ABI Business Solutions, The Tooth Studio,
Tipton Ford, Attorney Paul Cunningham and Dr. Lisa Davis.

Large or small, these company's problems are just as important to us as
they are to them -- regardless of size.

What can AdMark do for you?

We can help your company to identify its strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and traps -- then we work with you develop to a plan that
minimizes the negatives and exploits the positives. We help you focus on
streamlining and profitability -- without sacrificing quality and service.

Is it magic? Not hardly.

How do we do it? Besides the experience factor, it takes perspicacity:
Acuteness of perception; the ability to see beyond problems to identify
solutions. Perspicacity may be easier said than done -- but it's something
we really do well.

Searching for the Path to Profitability?

There are many paths to profitability. The question is: Which one is right
for you?

Uncovering the right path takes a combination of research, knowledge,
skill and expertise. Not every consulting firm possesses this combination.

At AdMark we leverage the brightest minds and most creative talents from
within our extensive network -- combining them into a dynamic team --
with the expertise required to identify the right path to profitability for you.

Unlike our competitors, we offer a guarantee.

We will spend up to eight hours with you to analyze your business and
report our preliminary findings. If you don't like our report, you owe us
nothing. If you like what we say and engage our services, the preliminary
report is still free. Either way, the AdMark "test drive" will cost you zip, zero,

Want to hire us?

AdMark Strategic is always looking for new clients. If you have an
interesting, challenging project, please contact us. We'd love to
collaborate with you.

AdMark Strategic
Management & Marketing Consultants

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Roderick A. Potts, CEO
Over 36 years experience
as a management and
marketing specialist
working with top
companies throughout the

United States
and Mexico.

Pictured here with Manuel
Rubiano (left)
, President
of the State Department of
Tourism & Economic
at opening
of PMI Food Group
contract maquiladora
(offshore manufacturing
operation) in Cd. Victoria,
Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Strategic Planning:
The careful analysis and
planning of all the activities
of a business to ensure
competitive advantage and
Leveraging Skill:
The high degree of skill
we provide becomes your
advantage over the
competition. At AdMark
we leverage the diverse
skill sets within our
extensive network --
combining them into one
focused team -- with the
expertise required to
identify the right path to
profitability for you.